Communication and Collaboration

Communication and Collaboration Strategy
Shawn Short
University of Phoenix

    Upon completion of my learning style assessment I gained full insight to the learning styles which matched my personal learning style. The assessment concluded that I am very much diversified in ways which I am able to learn and showed me that even though my strengths are interpersonal, intrapersonal, and logical-mathematical that my verbal-linguistic and naturalistic are very close and perhaps considered strong points as well. My weaknesses which are bodily-kinesthetic, musical and visual-spatial learning styles are the learning styles that I should improve in order to improve my learning comprehension and communicate effectively with my team members.
    This assessment has motivated me to improve so that I can effectively communicate and collaborate between different learning styles. I have developed a strategy to help improve in the areas which are my weakest, such as the bodily-kinesthetic, musical, and visual-spatial areas. I have separated my focus to each of these areas individually and am committed to improving these areas
    For the bodily-kinesthetic learning style I will attempt to recite the material that I want to communicate as well as use the “mental walk” memory strategy, and perhaps act out and recite the material when possible. I have written down these specific tasks which I will implement as new learning strategies continue to remind myself to execute them until I create new and effective communication techniques that include these bodily-kinesthetic exercises.
    Next is the musical learning style, I find this to be the most interesting as I am very moved and motivated when I listen to music. My strategy for this area will be to make songs about the new material I am learning and to replace the words in a song that I already now while also taking musical breaks when I am working on a long assignment. Finally, is the visual-spatial learning style which...