Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper

|2010 | |
|                     |                                     |
|                     |Scott E Springer                     |

|[communication and Collaboration strategy paper]                                                                                               |
|Different learning styles and personality types, and ways that all of these different learning styles will work together to help work         |
|effectively within a group of individuals.                                                                                                     |

In this paper I will list three different learning styles, and three different personality types, and will develop a strategy for effective communication and collaboration amongst the selected types.

The three different learning styles that I have chosen to develop a strategy for effective communication and collaboration are Bodily- Kinesthetic, Verbal- Linguistic, and Visual-Spatial. The way that I would combine these three learning styles would be in a presentation. For example in a presentation I would be physically delivering the presentation to a group of people which I would be able to set my own pace while delivering the presentation.   With doing a presentation I would be delivering the presentation myself and would be able to learn from any mistakes if one were to happen.

For the verbal style in the presentation I would be able to discuss topics that would interest me for the presentation. In the presentation I would have to know what kind of tone would be appropriate for the given presentation. I would also be able to make sure that I am expressing myself clearly to get the information across.

For the visual parts of the presentation I could have maps, pictures, diagrams, drawings, graphs, with having these different items for the presentation I would not have to read long boring paragraphs, the items would be more effective because of the visual aids.

The way that the...