Communication and Collaboration

The three I choose to talk about is among the top three of different leaning styles and the most associate of the learning styles: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. The three different personality traits I choose are Thinker, Organizer, and Giver. These traits and personalities mix and formed together could create a good team to solve problems and get task of all types done quickly. My strategy would be to single out the individuals with these personality and learning set, each individual has an attribute that can make a team stronger.  
            A visual leaner will be able to not only learn by watching other individuals they can also point out things other people would have missed. An auditory leaner will only have to be told to do something once and less likely to ask over and over for instructions than the others.   Once you explain to them what needs to be done he/she can help to instruct everyone else this can help to save on time of having to repeat one self over and over again. A kinesthetic learner is good with not only learning from doing, but are good with their hands, this can come in handy with projects that need someone who catches on quickly to a task by performing the task itself.

              If you take those three individuals and mix them with three different personality types such as the one I listed earlier in this paper which is: Thinker, Organizer, and Giver.   A Thinker will look at everything and make calculating decisions as they solve problems. An Organizer will help to maintain and keep everything on track and in order to minimize the confusion. A Giver will be a good helper, and the one that can be the glue of a team to hold everyone together. This would be the   goal that a person who puts a team together hopes for, but in the end it is the communication between the people that matters and how much a team click together in a collaborating effort to accomplish a task.
              By each team member...