Communication and Collaboration

Communication and Strategy Paper

Different personality types and learning styles are the key components in communicating and collaborating in a team environment. Understanding the different learning styles and personalities is critical to communicating and collaborating effectively with individuals.   While identifying the different personalities and learning styles of each individual, great care must be taken in understanding each aspect of individuals learning style and personality to effectively communicate within the team. We will be examining the organizer, adventurer and giver personality types as well as three different learning styles verbal linguistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal to come up with some strategies to communicate and collaborate effectively in a team environment.

Organizers, adventurers and givers can work effectively in their group by using their dominate strengths. Organizers are responsible, reliable and take great care in paying attention to detail. Adventurers are hands on when problem solving, are flexible and great negotiators. Givers are great with diplomacy and have openness about them when dealing with others and are always willing to help others.

When properly identified these characteristics are extremely valuable to the success of team collaboration and communication. The organizers being the responsible and reliable ones can ensure the team is staying on point with tasks. Adventurers are responsible for negotiating and delegating tasks to be done on the team and the giver can work on helping team members and keeping the peace among the team.

The next thing that needs to be addressed in a learning team is identifying each team members learning style and how to effectively communicate with each individual. Howard Gardner, a Harvard professor, states that there are eight intelligences that are possessed by all people, and that every person has developed some intelligences more fully than others. We will be going over...