Analyse Comment and Review the Kiduthood Poster

....Analyse comment and review the Kiduthood poster


  Last year the hit movie, Kidulthood, dazed the big screens changing the definition of a ‘good movie’. The brutality, sadism and violence portrayed in the movies seemed like it had been shredded right out of the cover page of the daily mail: associated with teens. The film goes way past the slang and the clothing to explore and expose the meaning of being a teen. A five star movie which led people believe it desired an ASBO more than an Oscar: Kidulthood. The movie desperately tries to illustrate how the children of today’s society behave using all kinds of advertising, including posters. However some teens believe that the way they advertise is very bias as they only base their opinions on the stereotypes of teens which supports the medias’ prejudice outlook on us teens.

The facial expressions on these teens are very analogous to the stereotypes the media believe us teens are. Just by glancing at this poster you can tell that the facial expressions and body language of the characters notify that if you are unfamiliar you’re not welcome. Not even one of these teens has a hospitable face on: as all, but one, have either impolite or vulgar facial expressions. Although the majority of them are in couples, there is a barrier, as there are no emotional connections between them. Therefore is very eccentric as most couples are known to have some sort of, blissful, emotional connection. This is mildly similar most teens as you seem to always have miserable faces on whether you’re on the bus or just going home which supports the medias’ ideas about us teens.

    The props used in this placard intimate that the movie is certainly violent; aggressiveness towards other characters will be shown during the course of this film. The main focal point of this poster is ‘Sam’ (the boy with the base ball bat). The approach of   the bat and the way it is held shows that it is unquestionably a defence...