Com 155 Week 6

Beyond Scared Straight
Airs Wednesdays on A&E
The children were never so scared about jail before this show. Beyond scared straight made the children quickly realize what life is like inside a federal prison. They were nearly in tears watching as inmates yelled and lectured children their ages about naughty habits. The children on the show were suddenly realizing the life choices they were making daily were wrong.   The children wearily walked through the boisterous prison as people cat called them and seeing what life was like in maximum security prison. My children fearfully admitted they never wanted to be in prison after watching this television program. I recommend this show to any concerned parent whose children think smoking, drinking, doing drugs, skipping school or fighting is a way of life. Guaranteed children will think twice before continuing on with their naïve and dumb behaviors.
This has been the best show I have found for showing my children what their lives will be like if they continue stealing. Corey is acting better than Johnny because of watching the show. Beyond scared straight is the scariest of the shows showing prison on television because it is so real. The children thought the show jail was funnier than this show because it displayed drunken people acting dumb. Beyond scared straight serve the worst food and the boys said they would rather be in holding like on jail or cops because they can eat McDonald’s. It is safer to assume Corey and Johnny learned a lesson when watching the show on television.