Com 155 Week 1

Carlos Diaz
        Com 155

Week 1 Assignment

  Purpose, audience, tone, and content are factors that are needed to be identified when writing an academic paper because it’s the reason why you are even writing in the first place. They help determine what the paragraphs will be about. Academic writing always needs a purpose, a purpose is why/ what you are writing about. An academic paper also needs a proper tone which means what kind of attitude you want to put in your paper;   you don’t want to use the same tone on an important essay that you would in a text message would you? I didn’t think so. Other than purpose I believe that knowing your audience is one of the biggest factors that can influence your paper because a lot of writers tend to confuse audience with tone. Without a proper tone the writer’s paper can struggle keeping the audience interested in the paper. When you write it is important to write in a way that the audience you intend to address understands what you’re writing about. Which leads me to content?   Content is the written material that will help the reader understand the main point that the writer is trying to convey, by the end of the paper the reader should have no questions of what they just read. In short , purpose, audience, tone, and content impact academic writing because it will help structure a paragraph and will help determine what the paragraphs will cover, as well as support the main points.

What is the purpose of this topic?
The purpose of this topic is to inform the reader what how purpose, audience, tone and content can impact academic writing.
Who is your audience?
My audience in this paragraph would be other students looking for information on how these factors can affect their essays.
What should your tone be? (Formal or informal) Why?
Your tone should be formal because you are trying to explain a process to an individual.
What should your content focus on?...