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Tattoos and Piercings

Throughout the course of our lives we see fads come in and out of style. From groovy bell bottoms to bright colored skinny jeans. As the years pass by so does clothing. One trend that I have never seen goes away or change is tattoos and piercings. Some people may say that tattoos and piercings are a trend or a fad, but throughout history, tattoos have always been around in various society and cultures. Fads and trends are defined as a “style of the moment” but tattoos and piercings are truly a forever.   The significance of tattoos and piercings vary from each individual. The reasons why people get tattoos also vary from person to person. An Individuals history, culture, or affiliation can take a big part in why someone may have a tattoos and piercings or on the other hand, some people feel as though it is a form of self expression or rebellion toward society. Either way, tattoos or piercings are not a fad. Each drop of ink is an everyday reminder of what is significant to the person wearing the ink every day.
The significance of tattoos and piercings varies from the fashion forward individual to the culturally connected individual. Personally I have many tattoos. My most significant tattoo to me reads “many are called, but few are chosen.” This particular tattoo is on my forearms. I tattooed this particular saying on this specific part of my body for daily inspiration. Every time I look at my arm, it is a reminder that many people can do what I do, but I was chosen to be the best at what I do. All my tattoos are personal inspiration to pursue my goals. On the other hand, I have a friend that is in a Greek fraternity and he has tattoos of his Greek symbols and each particular tattoo has a historical meaning behind them that dates back hundreds of years. Individuals of this particular fraternity must receive these tattoos on their journey to man hood with this fraternity, but only after they have accomplished specific milestones in...