College Essay

The Time I Met God
Most people on this world cannot show how much they believe in God. Even I, a person that is well into his faith, have a hard time showing belief in God. So I tried my very best to gain more belief in him. One of the most influential experiences that happened during my life was partaking in Confirmation classes. This defining period of my life helped me to meet God and showed me the “good” that God has given us.
I took these classes for two years prior to my senior year. I received the sacrament of Confirmation in May of my junior year. By that time I found myself closer to God and I actually saw God, in everyone. His works and goodness were shown by everyone around and it showed me that God really did make us in his image. It made me realize that you are able to see God every day. For me this happened during my Confirmation day and the most interesting time when I saw God was when the Bishop held his hand out and blessed us all. I was able to see God through him and it was such a beautiful experience. I felt that God himself was reaching his hand out towards us, giving us an invitation into his kingdom.
During Confirmation Class, I participated in several activities that in some way changed my life. These activities included going to church, doing community service, and going on retreats. Although I participated in these activities, only a few of them actually made a difference in my life, and those activities were participating in retreats. These retreats could be considered as going to a place of solitude and a place where a person can meet God face to face. When going to a retreat, one had to leave all of their cherished belongings at home in order for that person to feel something during the retreat. Sometimes I didn’t really understand that rule, but when I went to my first retreat I understood why a person had to do such a thing. By leaving their belongings, it allows them to have no obstructions during the retreat. Having such...