Cold War Ideology Policies

Cold War Ideology and Policies
Lonnie Derick King
James Faurie

The book describes the Cold War as the Soviets trying to expand their control. They knew that the United States was the only nation that could stand against them since we had the Atomic bomb. They didn’t want a war with the United States, but they knew it would eventually happen.
The United States didn’t do much of anything to aid the other countries until the Soviets started to threaten “free people” with “totalitarian regimes” (p. 5, 2005). The United States felt they needed to protect the free people’s way of life. If they let the Soviets take the freedom from the countries that surrounded them what would say that they would stop there. It could have threatened our way of life as well as theirs. I can see why the United States felt they had to help the nations that were in danger from another world power. The United States had several different plans to help the other nations. The first plan left out Western Europe so another plan was incorporated later down the road that would grant help to Western Europe. The United States helped other countries by giving those in need supplies and money to help their economies. The United States did not actually do any fighting in the Cold War. There were a lot of threats about using the nuclear bombs if the Soviets pushed too hard.  
The Cold War was not about war, it was more threats than anything in my opinion. It was all started because the Soviets wanted to expand their rule. The United States had no choice but to intervene with the war to protect free people from communism. They did it by helping the other nation’s economy and giving them supplies.

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