Which Country Deserves More Blame for Its Role in the Cold War

. Which Country Deserves More Blame For Its Role In Starting The Cold War: The Soviet Union Or The United States? Your Discussion Should Focus On the First Decade of the Cold War from 1945.In This Essay You Need To Construct a Compelling Case That Blame Should Be Apportioned Primarily To One Side
The cold war was a proxy war between America and Soviet Union .It dominated international affairs for decades and many major crises occurred-the Cuban missile crises, Vietnam War, Korean War and the Berlin war being just some (Hobsow 1994, p .226). Over the past century historians have been debating on which country deserves more blame for its role in starting the cold war. Historians known as revisionists blame America while traditionalists blame Soviet Union(Schilenger 1967, p.22).The Post revisionist claim that the blame for the Cold War cannot put on one country because it was competition   for power   and supremacy therefore both parties were to blame.(Mastny1983,p.662). Although all these views have reasons to state their claim one may decide that the blame can be laid on America. This is mainly because to a greater extent many tensions that existed before the cold war and during in the cold war can be due to America’s doctrines and polices. It is necessary therefore to look at the role of America as a contributing factor to the start of the cold war.

Firstly America can be blamed seen for starting the cold war through its president Harry Truman. When Truman became president in 1946 he introduced a hard-line policy against Soviet Union. President’s Truman s used a tough anti –communism   but impressive style to convince the   American s how dangerous and powerful communism could be(Ninic 1988,p.453).Propaganda was used showing the evil of communism and what a threat it could be to the whole world’s soviets saw this as a challenge to their ideology and responded back. This led to the development of the cold war
Secondly America can be blamed for starting the cold...