Relationship with Coaches

Relationships with Coaches
A coach is someone who is in charge of training an athlete or a team. Not all coaches are “good coaches” necessarily. Characteristics of a good coach are; someone who is knowledgeable about the sport, has the ability to train for the sport, a positive coaching attitude, and is able to relate to their athletes. Relationships between coaches and their players are different than students and teachers. A teacher helps a student learn information and develop skills to become successful in life. A coach does the same thing but, since they motivate physical and mental means they are much more relatable to their athletes.
Often times high school coaches are teachers at the institution that they are coaching at. High school is one of the key times to develop an athlete. High school coaches are more like family members and role models to their athletes. In order to be an affective high school coach this person must be committed to the success of their players. Time and dedication are very important factors that come into play for a coach to be successful. Since most high school coaches are teachers they spend a lot of time at the institution of that they work for. Some coaches are not as successful because they cannot handle being in one place all the time and get tired and neglect their players.
A true high school coach should be prepared for their position before they start working with a team. Knowing what you are getting yourself into ahead of time is important for high school coaches. Teachers teach for eight to nine months out of the year and most of the times deal with a child an hour a day. It’s harder for teachers to connect with students on a personal level when they are with a student for such a short period of time. Most students are not that excited about the education that they are receiving in high school because most of them aren’t deciding whether they go to school or not. It’s harder to find a teacher that a student relates to...