Coaching and Mentoring

What are the benefits of integrative life-coaching?

“One of the main reasons people have difficulty manifesting success in their life is simply because they have no idea what their own idea of personal success really is.” – Tristan Loo (The Synergy Institute)

I have often wondered what would have been different in my life, if i had been offered coaching at school, in my career or indeed through any of my work placements.
Some children in my class were focused; they knew exactly what they wanted to do and how they were going to get there.
I on the other hand, had no clue. I knew what subjects i like and enjoyed.
But i was deeply unhappy at school and had no one to talk to about the things that troubled me. I left school not knowing what i wanted to do or what i was good at.
The only thing I’d done with any degree of success was music and i had stopped playing all instruments in protest long before my final year at school.
Now up until very recently i had just been doing what i could to get by and scrape a living doing the bare minimum as was not happy.
I had an idea i was a natural coach, i have always supported, counselled and taught others in my work place and personal life too. I felt i wanted to give to those around i as i felt rightly or not, that i had not been supported.
I come from a family background of Mental Health professionals. It was the natural choice for me then, in my late teens. It was the field i was brought up in and had worked in from a school leaver’s age. I was not at the time passionate about it as i am now and i learnt a great deal of the models of nursing having been coming up again and again in the coaching books i have read.
For example Maslow’s Hierarchy in Curly Martins book” The Personal Success Handbook”. This was reassuring to see something familiar and also exciting to have some common ground to begin my own coaching...