Club It System Analysis #2

Club IT Information System Analysis #2

John Kemp


May 31th, 2010
Terry Wyatt

Club IT Information System Analysis #2

    My analysis of Club IT’s information technology capabilities, has uncovered several areas that should be addressed concerning Club IT’s information management capabilities (ICM). Improvements in (ICM) should help improve the business’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) by streamlining and integrating several of Club IT’s business processes.
    The majority of Club IT’s targeted customers are net generation who frequently use mobile technologies like Blackberry’s, smart phones and other mobile communication devices. Club IT’s inability to interact with current and potential customers can be improved by implementing several of the ICM, and ERP improvements that I will present.
    The first area that I want to address is Club IT’s lack of e-commerce. The majority of Club IT’s customers frequently use online shopping and e-commerce. By integrating e-commerce software programs like BigCommerce or GoEmerchant, Club IT’s merchandise sales, advance concert ticket sales, and online web concert sales, greater accessibility for customers and additional income streams can be created. Using web streaming services like or Ustream, customers will have the option to view live concerts from their laptops, PC’s, or smart phones. The option of pay-per view web service opens up additional e-commerce income with minimal investment. According to E-Commerce 2010 software top ten reviews, Big Commerce is rated the number one ecommerce software program for features like web hosting, shopping cart, credit card processing, payment gateway integration, Google Website Optimizer, and social media integration with an inclusion of a Facebook app that can put your storefront right on your site’s Facebook fan page (eCommerce Software Review top ten review, 2010).
    The next area I want to address is the supply chain management...