Club It Part 3


Club IT Essay Part 3
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Club IT has been successful.   The clientele of Club IT has increased and the club has been constantly busy in the evenings.   Though, Lisa realized that incorporating a wireless order-taking system would be beneficial to the club.   Therefore, _______ has created the following analysis with a kiosk application.
A kiosk is a system that can be used by entry-level employees and by management.   Using a kiosk will result in numerous savings for a corporation.   Reduction in HR staffing, employee turnover, distribution costs, and printing costs.   The quality of data will reduce audits, and fewer resources will be needed when new hires are processed.
A recent survey by Salomon Smith Barney noted that companies spend an average of $1700 per employee, per year on HR communication. Kiosks reduce this cost by providing convenient and consistent information to employees. Whether employee scheduling, distributing pay stubs, new benefits, 401K administration, company policies, job postings, training opportunities or company news, kiosks provide an extension of your HR department, conserving those resources for more important tasks.
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A kiosk has features and benefits that are beneficial to Club IT.   A kiosk has extended warranty options, self-service installation, onsite service, online customer support, and hot desk support.   More benefits are mentioned below:
• HR kiosks offer self-service functions to employees without access to desktop computers, or those not located near an HR office
• 24x7 access to HR information without the need for human intervention reduces costs and increases convenience for employees
• Online forms and pay-stub printing on-demand saves paper, distribution and administration costs
• Factory floor HR kiosks act as a virtual assistant for employee...