Classic Airlines and Marketing

Classic Airlines and Marketing


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Classic Airlines and Marketing

      The world known fifth largest Airlines is Classic Airlines. Classic Airlines owns over 375 jets, which serves 240 cities with over 2300 daily flights. Classic Airlines has been in existence for over 25 years. Classic Airlines employs over 32,000, profited $10 million on $8.7 billion sales. Classic Airlines is one of the most competitive airlines in the industry. With the uncertainty about flying, though profitable, Classic stock prices have been affected and their shares have decreased 10% in the past year. (Cited: UOP, 2010)

      No matter what business function is being performed, sufficient demand for the good and service is needed to make the company profitable.   Marketing has to do with identifying the needs of consumers. Due to heightened competition, Classic Airlines will need to come up with a marketing strategy. Heightened competition can cause increasing advertising cost, and shrinking profit margins. Companies who would be consider competition would be Southwest Airlines, and Delta Airlines.


  Classic Airlines faces the challenge of meeting their deadline in time to save revenue for the company through a strong marketing strategy and how to remain competitive in this industry. They have to consider the self value for a satisfied customer. Customer satisfaction is an important factor of any marketing concept.   Marketing concept allows companies to concentrate on resources to help increase sales and accomplish a sustainable competitive edge. (Biznik, 2010)   Sometimes a marketing concept can be limited on the greatest opportunities. (Biznik, 2010)   The marketing concept is most effective when used as an essential factor of a company‚Äôs strategy.   The Strategy needs to define organizations engagement with consumers, prospects, and who the competition is in the area. Marketing concept and marketing strategy have to...