David Richard DeMusz
                                        Drug Use and Delinquency Response
                                              Thursday November 11, 2010
                                                Instructor: Lester G. Julian


I have taken the opportunity to Research the University Library for two current, scholarly

journal articles that highlight the reasons of youth drug use and the link between drug use and


 I will than answer the following questions according to the journal articles:
   What are the main reasons of youth drug use?

   How does drug use relate to delinquency?

When examining, the question “what are the main reasons of youth drug use” I located a
interesting article written by Author:   Naseem S. Miller. According to the journal article a
specific statement grabbed my attention, “The increase in drug use is driven by several factors,
according to SAMHSA officials, including economic stress and unemployment, but also by the increased
discussion: about medical marijuana. Additionally, reasons reflecting peer pressure and boredom.

Proceeding forward to the remaining question, “How does drug use relate to delinquency?”

Examples: have the opportunity to become very lengthy, Author Hays, Ron D; describes in his

journal article the following. “Drug use and delinquency share many common antecedents: early

antisocial behavior, difficulties in school, impaired family relationships, delinquent or drug-using

peers; or rebelliousness. But these common factors could underlie a cluster of problem

behaviors or lead to distinctly different behavioral manifestations.”

A final thought: When young people engage in alcohol and other drug use, they, their

families and their communities usually suffer. In some cases, because of the strong association

between substance abuse and delinquency, an increased burden is also placed on the juvenile...