Rehabilitation and the Juvenile Justice System

Community Corrections

                    By: Angela Lopez


                                              March 25, 2012

Community Corrections is a form of community supervision.   The community supervision takes place within the community where the criminal who is probation eligible is sentenced to serve their community service. Community corrections, also a form of probation is an increasingly option other than incarceration. This sanction is utilized to fill the gap between prison and probation. Community supervision on behalf of community corrections is successfully effective for most probationers. The community is considered to be watching the probationers every move, waiting to see success of change or failure.   As for the probationer, there is usually shame or embarrassment that is felt while serving community service.
Community Corrections affect the society in which they are practiced can be seen in many different ways. Society can be harsh and not so forgiving of the probationer. Society in the prior years handled the criminal in the community to where the crime was committed. The criminal was sentenced then, and there. The criminal was either incarcerated, severely beaten, beheaded, hung, or sold as a slave.(Corrections: The Fundamentals, p.456) Now, criminals are arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced. Along with being sentenced, and depending on the crime and history of the criminal’s life’s past, he or she may be released back to the community to pay fines and serve community service. Society, does not accept criminals easily. To society, a criminal is to be put behind bars. In reality, criminals have a right to rehabilitation. Some criminals who have committed non-violent crimes, or misdemeanors, or may have a violation, are allotted probation are released to community service. There is an advantage to communities by having a probationer serve their...