City Road.

Hayley Jarvis
PI Number B4921000

Drawing on what you have learned about city road, outline some of the inequalities on a street that you know.

Based on what I have learned on City Road I have chosen Smith Down Road which is situated in a busy city and is just on the outskirts of the city centre. For my comparisons between both streets I will point out the positive and negative sides which have come to light with the opening of massive chain stores. How different shops and businesses are aimed at different cultures and ethnics, and what inequalities this creates. Lastly I will outline how the street changes between day and night.
Smith Down Road like many other streets across the globe had several chain stores opening on it, with a huge one being the very popular and well known Asda branch. (Scene 1 of the street 2009) Colin a small shop owner explains “it has knocked me a bit the Tesco opening.” Smith Down Road since the opening of the Asda has been victim to many of the smaller newsagents closing down. This can and has caused anger and upset amongst local people who were against the opening in the first place. The locals believe they have lost there sense of community and were loyal to the smaller business owners. In contrast to this the bigger store openings does provide jobs and with that reshapes society. (Scene 5 making social lives 2009) Georgina Blakely explains some people gain from the reshaping and some people lose. This can be seen in the case of the big chain stores. Another point that Blakely points out is that at the beginning she was totally against the Tesco opening but now that it has she shops there all the time. This is an example of how people adjust and accept changes in society even if they didn’t want to.
How different shops are aimed at different cultures and social groups is my next point. This is outlined by Nof from the Hawaiian restaurant on City Road. Nof holds comedy nights and women’s groups etc this attracts people from...