Cis 336 Week 5 Group Project Task 3

CIS 336 Week 5 Group Project Task 3

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Develop the SQL statements to insert records into the database. You should ensure that the data in the database is sufficient to allow for each of the reports requested by Ms. Smith to be tested. You need to show a minimum of three insert queries for each database table that you have created. Some tables will obviously require more to ensure that all of the required data is in the database (i.e., the packages table, program table, etc). To submit this task, add a comment heading called INSERT STATEMENTS to your corrected SQL script from Task 2. Add your INSERT statements for each table after this heading. Keep in mind that you will need to insert data into the tables in the same order that the tables were created. This will minimize any integrity constraint errors you might encounter. Keep in mind also that any values being inserted into a field defined as a foreign key field must first exist in a previous table’s primary key field. Save the file as TEAM_X_TASK3.TXT, where X is your team identifier. After testing your statements to verify that your data will insert into your tables, create a spooled output file with the SET ECHO ON session command set for submitting.
Note – Although you are only required to have three records per table in most of your tables for this deliverable, you will need a considerable amount of data in your tables for the final project.
After testing and verifying that all of your create statements work, create a spooled output file with the SET ECHO ON session command set so that your code and the results will show.
Deliverables for this task:
Any revisions of task 2 based on feedback from your instructor. Task 3 comprised of the script file containing DROP TABLE, CREATE TABLE, and INSERT statements, and the output file showing that it works. Team member responsibilities document...