Project Proposal

IST 454 Project Proposal
Forensic Analysis of Malware Infections
Team Saturn


This document is designed to discuss the Forensic Analysis of Malware Infections project being conducted by Team Saturn.   A project description will be used to explain the problem set the team will tackle. Preliminary research will be detailed in this section followed by the overall planning approach and prescribed timeline. This team consists of six members and so the division of labor is critical to efficient project management collaborative reviews of deliverables and timely milestone completion. Due to the design of this project various technologies will used. It is important to define those technologies and discuss how they will be used.

Project Description
For the IST 454 team project, Team Saturn has chosen to design a project titled Forensic Analysis of Malware Infections. The team will research common methods and tools that are used to forensically analyze malware infections. Specifically, our team will learn how professionals go about determining how malware compromised a system, what it altered on the system, and what can be done to prevent the malware from spreading.   After identifying several common tools and techniques used, the team will develop a hands-on lab which will analyze malware on a compromised system.
Forensic analysis of malware is something that might be done in the event that a system containing sensitive data needs to be seized and analyzed. An investigator might be tasked with finding out what data, if any, may have been compromised by the malware infection. To do this, an investigator would analyze the behavior of the malware to determine what changes have been made to the system, what files it is accessing, and what information it is sending back to the attacker. To mitigate the risk of other systems becoming compromised by the malware, an investigator would also be interested in identifying how the malware infected...