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ASSESSMENT 2: Business Report

Student Name: Anonymous 3
Student Number: 12345678
Student’s Email Address:
Tutor’s Name: Chris Bright
Tutorial Day and Time: Friday, 12.00pm
Name of Company: Apple Inc.
Title: Letter to Executive of Local Network
Semester/ Campus Details: Semester 1, 2014 - Bentley
(Word Count: 1142)

Ms Anonymous 3
Director of Corporate Communications
Apple Inc.
GPO Box 6666
Perth WA 6003

May 1, 2014

Ms Jane Doe
Executive of the Australasian Local Network
PO Box 123
Bentley WA 6004

Dear Ms Doe,

Within this letter we propose our recommendations to the Local Network, for the purpose of obtaining compliance with Global Compact principle one and nine. Principle one states, “Businesses should support and respect the protection of proclaimed human rights”. Principle nine explains, “Businesses should encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies”.

All employees of Apple have the ingrained principle that the performance of our company is not defined by the amount of profit made; rather it is measured by the degree to which all of our stakeholders benefit.   From the moment we at Apple agreed to stringently follow the United Nations Global Compact Principles, we have mounted rigorous campaigns aimed at achieving compliance. Additionally, our international experience gives us the critical knowledge needed to provide suitable recommendations for the Australasian Local Network.

Apple diligently introduces business practices to ensure we comply with the Global Compact principles, whilst positively impacting our consumers, employees and the community. Our achievements relating to human rights and environmental issues can be seen on our website and in our annual sustainability report. In Apple’s 2014 Code of Conduct we display our key principles, which reference to the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct, Ethical Trading...