Megan Standifer
Ms. Williams
English 191 11:15
7 November 2008
The Apple and Its Different Colors
When it comes to healthy foods, the apple is viewed as one of the most widely accepted healthy fruits. Apples are very low in cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fat (apples).They also provide a very good source of vitamin C. Apples are very healthy for the body, and they are also delicious to the taste. The apple is one of the most popular fruits that are eaten. The apple comes in three different colors known as green, yellow, and red.
The green apple is also known as the Granny Smith apple. These apples are very juicy, sour, and crisp to the taste. Granny Smith apples are perfect for putting in salads because they usually keep their color and their shininess longer than the other apples. This gives that great look and that zesty taste to the salad. These apples are great for baking in pies and for a delicious snack. These apples are also great for decorating for the holidays because of its color.
The yellow apple is commonly known as the Golden Delicious apple. This apple is also very juicy and crisp to the taste, but it has a very distinctive sweet and sour flavor. The flavor is much like a mixture of the green and the red apple. The yellow apple is rounder and much fatter than the other apples. This apple bruises easily and must be handled with care. When the bruising occurs, the apple is extremely sour in those spots. This apple is mainly used in apple sauce, but it can also be used for baking.
There are a variety of names for the red apple, but the name Red Delicious is the most common of them all. The Red Delicious has that perfect crunch with the juiciest, sweetest flavor. This apple is preferred to use in baked goods such as pies, cakes, and cobblers. This apple is also great for making apple sauce, like Grandma makes. When the red apple is held, it has a firmness of the skin. Therefore, this apple does not bruise as easily as the yellow apple. The...