“The iPod Father”
About the Sultan of Apple

,Born on Feb 24 1955.

,Co-founder of Apple Inc.

,Founder of NeXT

Character:   Friends , Steve has   all those qualities that makes a person different from others. He was an orphan and later was adopted by Jobs family. His childhood was not that easy like other children but it gave him a positive way of thinking that reflects in his work. He believes in doing things differently and Apple’s success is     the proof of this.  

Creativity:   Apple has launched iPod when nobody has ever thought about it later which has created a whole new market in which many other players tried to give a stiff competition to Apple iPod's but still the Apple iPod is the first choice for every music lover that   shows the creativity of the man behind this success who is Steve jobs.

Curiosity: Steve   is always   focused on doing something different and according to the customers   needs ,preferences and choices   for example   Apple Inc. launched world’s   lightest   laptop “Mac book air ”   which is very successful in the market due to its lightweight ,functioning   and services.

Common Sense: Before launching any product in the market Steve knows it very well in which segment what products are existing. His calculations   and equations are perfect. He is very clear with his targets and results are in front of everyone Apple Inc is considered as one of the most reliable company in the world.

Conviction:   Friends conviction is   other important quality of Steve. There was a time when in Apple everybody lost his faith in him due to this he left the company later   he made a software called “Next”. The software was a great success which   forced   Apple             to reassign him with same dignity.

Communication: He invites ideas from top to bottom level of employees in his company. He never acts as a mediocre. During his leadership tenure there was a complete and effective flow of information and creative ideas that led apple to...