A middle aged cleaner who was dusting . a handful of patients were already in the room.
Shade: “it’s our turn”, she said under her breath as she gave the registration card to Ogaba .
            They walked past some patients who were sitting dejectedly on a couple of long settees until they came to the door to the doctor’s office
Shade: ‘why had I not known about this doctor earlier’ as she walks to the door.
Doctor: Welcome Mr and Mrs Williams. Please sit down. [He motions to them] I have conducted tests on samples I collected from both of you. The reports are not too good. Sir, your sperm count is too low and needs to be boosted for you to be able to father a….
Shade rudely interrupts the doctor.
Shade: You see? You have been the problem all along. Nonsense! Why did I even marry you eh? You must give me children. You must give me children or… [She grabs him by the collar of his shirt]
Ogaba silently looks at his wife. The doctor moves to separate them.
After separating them. Ogaba stands up and walks swiftly outside the office. Shade follows him.
Shade: You must give me children oooooh. Impotent man. You call yourself a man. Do what your mates are doing then you can call yourself a man. Shameless thing…..

                  ACT 2 SCENE 1

Narrator: Rohan (Ogaba) a wealthy architect and azalea his humble house wife had been happily married for 15 years, unfortunately azalea's inability to conceive a child has brought problems unto their marriage, traveling from one country to another, visiting the best hospitals, and still no solution to their problem. Watch as azalea's desperation slowly ruins her life and the ones closest to her.

(After a long day at church, azalea and her husband are sat at the dining table having lunch).

Azalea: honey, I’ve been meaning to discuss something with you.
Rohan: yes, what is it?
Azalea: remember Mama Abiye*** ( can’t remember her name) well we' he been talking, and she is well aware of our…problems....