Presbytarian Church

Presbyterian Church
I’ve always been the type of person to feel uncomfortable doing something outside of my comfort zone.   When we were assigned to attend four different religions, I began to think this would cause the exact thing I never like getting myself into.   So in doing this project, I feared I may feel nervous and uncomfortable. Surprisingly, I did not; this assignment opened my eyes to different people’s views of one big topic, religion.   My first experience attending a different religion was going the Presbyterian Church. It was much different then I had expected it to be.   From the way the Presbyterians sang, gave time to greet each other, and got to share what they were grateful for.
Although I don’t know the exact reason why Presbyterians stand for several things in their ceremony, I’m assuming there legs never got as tired as mine. Because standing to sing their religious songs is routine to the members of the Presbyterian Church, this didn’t seem to be as big as an issue to them, as it was to me. On several occasions the members would stand and sing beautiful songs about Christ. Considering the lyrics to each song were projected on the wall before us, those visiting had no reason to not join right in. The entire chapel stood and sang to each song, tired legs or not!
Another thing that stuck out to me was the opportunity each person had to greet the people around them. The pastor assured everyone it was time to greet one another. When I think of “greeting” I imagine people asking “how are you?”, “it’s nice to see you.” This is not the case while greeting someone at the Presbyterian Church. Each person that came up to me recited “Peace be with you.” Including the pastor, who made time to greet me, and the others visitors around me.
Towards the end of the ceremony the pastor asked the members to share their “thanksgivings”. While one member was thankful for her acceptance to college, another was grateful for her safe travels over the holidays....