Christina Aguilera

How Did Christina Aguilera Become Famous?
    Christina Aguilera the women referred to as “the voice of her generation”. But how did she get there? Christina Maria Aguilera was born December 18,1980 in Staten Island, New York to Fausto Wagner Xavier Aguilera her father and her mother Shelly Loraine. Her father was sergeant in the U.S army and her mother as a Spanish teacher. Christina lived with both of her parents, up until her mother filed for divorce. At the she was only seven years old. After the divorce she lived with her mother and younger sister. She lived with her mother because her father was very controlling, physically and mentally abusive. In an interview with rolling stone she said,” there was so much domestic violence going on when I was growing up”. She also said that’s what drove her to sing very strongly and so passionately.
  As a child Aguilera aspired to be a singer. In her home town she was know as the” the little girl with the big voice”. She sang at the local talent show and very many competitions. 0n march 15,1990 she appear on star search, but the lost the competition at number 2. She also arrear singing the Star-Spangled Banner for the Pittsburg penguins hockey team, for the Steelers, and for pirates. Her talent was kept a secret because of bulling, but after her television appearances, she experienced resentment & a lot of bulling. After several incidents Christina was later home schooled. Christina recalls doing what I did maybe being a little smaller, I was definitely picked on and bullied for the attention that I got. It was definitely unwanted attention and there was a lot of unfairness about it.
  A year later after star search she auditioned for a role on the Mickey Mouse club. But she couldn’t join because of the age requirements. But two years later she joined the cast of the Mickey Mouse club performing musical numbers and sketch comedy. Some of her co-stars were Justin Timberlake, Britney spears, Ryan goslin, and Keri...