Choose Five Examples from the List Above and Explain How These Theoretical Perspectives and/or Philosophical Approaches on Play Inform Practice Within Your Setting.

Tina Bruce had a great theory concerning free flow. In our setting we operate a free flow environment, the hall is sectioned off into small individual areas to provide a large choice of activities for the child to participate in such as role play, craft, book corner, a themed area such as a fire station, jigsaws, sensory and much more. The idea is to let the child decide what they want to do and give encouragement and support whilst the child is enjoying their chosen activity. This is not restricted to indoors the free flow environment extends outside of the setting where there are a number of activities the children can choose to do and again are supported in their chosen choice, this is a really good idea as the child gets to experience a different number of activities whilst they are in the setting. The only time there is an adult led activity is when we are doing group and story time.

If it was not for Friedrich Froebel there may be no traditional preschool today. Having this opportunity gives children around the ages of 3-4 to learn from a young age, to support them with their development and own skills, prepare them for school, nurture them. There are so many benefits to attending preschool at such a young age. If a child has difficulties with social skills, reading, maths, writing these would be picked up so much earlier if we were to wait to send our children to full time school and the child will be given the support and help they need to make a smooth transition into a mainstream school environment and possibly if the child needed significant help would be enrolled in another school specific to their development needs supporting the child as they got older. We have two SENCO practitioners in our setting who work with several children to give them the support they need in order to learn and develop to take the next step into school.

Margaret McMillian and Rachel McMillian we have to thank for free school meals for families on a low income, also...