China Also Rises Essay

Piers Brendon demonstrates in his article that china is rapidly developing in stages such as economy and military. Brendon clarifies to his readers that this issue should be a concern to the USA now due to the level speed that China carries in its developing process. Brendon utilises evidence such as the share of exports China holds and the overtaking of japan as ‘the world’s second largest economy’.
Brendon notes China as ‘The Awaking Giant’, rendering the audience to question why the state has become known as a giant awoken. Brendon backs up his introduction by explaining how its military and economic system is highly rising. Brendon also quotes how ‘China’s economy is expected to overtake that of America, its largest overseas market, before 2030’.
Brendon questions the power of China. He illustrates a concern about the strength of China and the impact it might occur when he asks ‘how will it end?’ Employing this rhetorical question, Brendon is able to snatch the audience’s attention, causing them to be concerned about what might happen when power is held in the hands of the ‘Waking Giant’ known as China. To gain more concern of the issue Brendon also asks if China will attempt ‘to translate its economic strength into military might.’ Brendon brings China and its strength into negative light when he brings the ‘1989 demonstrations in Tiananmen Square and the crushing of resistance in Tibet.’ The example of how China utilised force against protestors illustrates to readers how this incident can occur again and have an extreme impact on the society of the future.
However, Brendon is able to determine to the audience that this issue might not occur based on the goals China follows to ‘make their country a good citizen of the world.’ Brendon utilises sources such as China’s reduction in the number of land disputes it had once owned and the resolving of the criticisms that were made about the U.S even when the U.S had bugged the Jiang Zemin’s 767.