Coffee in China

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Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

MBA Dissertation

A Comparison Study of Gourmet Master and Major Coffee Competitors in Mainland China

|Student Name:                                                 |David G. Hennessey                                   |
|Tutor:                                                         |Professor John Zhang                                 |
|Diploma:                                                       |Management                                           |
|Degree:                                                       |MBA                                                   |
|Training Unit:                                                 |GSB                                                   |
|University Awarding Unit:                                     |GDUFS                                                 |



I, __________________________________, hereby submit my research paper for oral defense, entitled _ Gourmet Masters Business Development Strategy for Mainland China and truthfully declare that the above-titled paper is a product of my original research investigation and compiled resources.

I further declare that, should the school eventually discover that a substantial portion of my paper is lifted, in total, from original sources, using exactly the words of the author in more than 50% of the whole content, I reserve the right to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies to recall my MBA Diploma and cancel the degree granted to me.

Signed this day of __________________________ at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, China.


                        MBA Candidate