Children & Young Person Development



This early stage has a rapid growth development.  

From birth children have very limited physical abilities, however by the time they reach 12mths most babies will have mastered crawling, shuffling and / or rolling.  

They will continue to develop quite quickly in their second year, so much so that most will be able to walk and may explore their new found talents by ‘cruising’ the furniture and climbing up and down stairs.   They will also start handling smaller objects and take an interest in feeding themselves.

Once into their third year, most children progress and improve the finer movements of their hands and fingers and will start to hold pencils and crayons and enjoy how competent they are becoming at feeding and dressing themselves together with the dexterity of flicking and turning pages of a book.   As their self-confidence increases they will also start running and walking more independently.


During this stage, children gain in self-confidence and start refining their movements and will be able to manage more control over their skills.  

They will continue to mature and develop their fine motor skills such as cutting, colouring, drawing and writing.  

They will also make further progress and have more self-assurance in using their gross motor skills such as running, skipping, kicking a ball and using larger apparatus.

7-12 YEARS

Children will continue to improve and enhance their abilities and may by this stage be interested in various hobbies and sports that will develop their skills through practised play.  

For example, they may take up playing a musical instrument that involves complex finger movements and as such they will sharpen their finer motors skills

Girls in particular will start to show some of the early signs of puberty - usually from the age of 10 or 11.

12-16 YEARS

During this stage children enter into adolescence whereby young people become...