Child's Development from 0-8 Years

1. Summarise the main development of a child from the age range 0-2 years, 3-5 years and 5-8 years.

During the age range of 0-2, the child’s development changes rapidly from being a completely helpless individual to a confident child.   For example, 0-3 months a babies physical development will be, able to lay on back, start lifting the head, watch movement, recognise bright lights, loud noises and recognise faces.   The intellectual developments will be, having the ability to focus on objects, listen to voices, and make eye contact and ‘Root’ finding the breast.   Language would either through, crying, gurgling and cooing.   However they will recognise and respond to sounds.   Around 5-6 weeks baby will begin to smile and respond to their main carer’s voices.   Socially babies enjoy the intimacy of being fed, the cuddles and bathing routines.   Babies often find comfort in smells of their main carer.

By the stage of 3-6 months, babies are able to hold objects and transfer them between hands and put them in there mouths.   They have good head control by this time too.   Their intellect will be, enjoying bright objects, reaching out at objects as their co-ordination will be beginning to develop.   Babies language will be of, laughter and copy sounds they recognise, become trusting, enjoy contact and attention with others within the emotional stage.   Socially, babies at this age are very sociable, wanting to take part in things that are going on around them.

Physical at the time of 9-12 months, babies should usually be mobile.   This will either be, rolling, crawling, shuffling or walking unaided.   They will be able to sit up, hold on and throw objects.   Intellectually they should be able to take part in small games, in need of stimulation with more complex objects.   Language sounds are developing are also developing like, ‘baaa’, ‘mummmm’, ‘meow’ and can respond to simple instructions.   Emotionally, babies will interact well with other people they recognise and can...