Summarise the Main Development of a Child from the Age Range 0-2 Years, 3-5 Years and 5-8 Years

Summarise the main development of a child from the age range 0-2 years, 3-5 years and 5-8 years.

A child’s development takes place in 5 stages. During these stages the child will develop new skills and abilities. Although children generally go through the same stages of development this may not always be at the same rate due to varying factors.

Physical Development

0-2 years: The first few years of a child’s life is a period of fast physical development. For the first few months after birth a baby will lie on his back. As a baby nears 3 months, he will be begin to kick his legs and lift his head. He will become reactive to bright lights and noise. Between 3 and 6 months he will start to roll from side to side and push himself up with his arms when laid on his front. By 6 months a baby will have developed more control of his head and will be able to grasp objects and put them in his mouth. At 9 months baby may start to crawl, shuffle or even walk and will reach out for objects which he will grasp easily and may begin to throw them too. He should also be able to sit unaided for long periods. By the age of one the child may be walking unaided and with adult supervision. By 2 a child will be able to run and kick a ball, make scribbles with a crayon and turn pages in picture books. Towards the end of their 2nd year a child will use their preferred hand and be able to feed themselves.
3-5 years: A child of 3 years will be able to run forwards, backwards and sideways. He may also be able to jump from low heights. Between the ages of 3 and 4 a child should be able to put on shoes and coats. He will enjoy looking at books and turning the pages and be confident at throwing and kicking should be able to wash and dry his hands. A child of 4 should have greatly improved balance and be able to walk in a straight line. By the time a child reaches their 5th birthday he will be able to hop and skip, complete simple puzzles and draw more detailed pictures.
5-8 years:...