Child Support in Alberta


    Child support by definition is “Periodic money payments payable by a non-custodial parent, to the custodial parent, for the care of his or her child” (DuHaime.Org.). The parent that does not have the child living with them is therefore still equally responsible for the care and well being of this child. If either of parents is or has spent time incarcerated why would they not be responsible for that child even when in prison? The child does not stop needing, growing or eating. The parent that has spent time in jail or is incarcerated waiting for sentencing does not make any money and child support payments cease. The parent that does not have to pay restitution while incarcerated as this is their void in time from child support. There are also parents that choose to be incarcerated rather than pay child support and the justice system as a last resort incarcerates the parent for lack of payment. There are also parents that are released from jail and return to the same job as they had left prior to incarceration and show that they are making less money as before incarceration. Paying for your child(ren) is not an option to be turned on or off as the parent sees   to pay child support randomly. The child(ren) needs are everyday, day in and day out, without prejudice whether the parent is incarcerated or not.
    In Canada an inmate makes $6.90 per day (prison Weekly wage $34.50 and if calculated out yearly which can be the case for 365 days is $2518.50. The minimum yearly wage for a parent to pay child support is $8000.00 per year (Federal Child Support simplified Tables 2010) and shows the amount that the parent would be obligated to pay $1.00 per month to the parent that has majority of custody. The custodial parent will receive $1.00 a month. A child that only needs $1.00 is a crisis in itself. The custodian parent then has to still feed, clothe, and school the same child that received $1.00 a month from...