Child Protection and Safeguarding

Explain child protection in relation to safeguarding.

safeguarding is the term we use for basically protecting children. It is the actions we take in order to ensure children are safe and protected from any sort of harm. The term safeguarding also helps to promote the importance of protecting children to everybody regardless of whether you work in a child base setting.

Describe signs, symptoms, indicators and behaviours that may cause concern relating to abuse.

Domestic abuse is the general term for abuse that takes part in the home. Regardless of the type. The easiest way of spotting the signs would be the way the child acts around family members. A child could either be the witness of domestic abuse or the victim but it's important that we safeguard either way.   The indicators that a child is involved in some sort of abuse are so varied depending on the sort.

Neglect- Neglect is probably the easiest sort of abuse to spot. A child may come into the setting regularly hungry or dirty indicating that they may not of eaten or been cleaned. One thing we especially keep an eye on in our setting is nappy rash as this could be a sign that they are being left in their nappy too long. Another sign of neglect would be the child's behaviour. They may lack basic skills such as playing with other children and may be delayed in many areas due to the lack of parenting provided.

Physical abuse-   Along with some of the indicators that relate to neglect physical abuse could amount to something much worse so it's really important that you keep an eye on the children. In our setting we look for any significant marks and bruises that aren't in a common area/ somewhere that easily bruises. A child that is being physically abused may come across as being timid and scared of A lot of things. They may be very quiet and often flinch at the smallest of things. Sometimes you may hear them have conversations that seem a little odd or that raise concerns.

Emotional abuse -...