Explain Child Protection Within the Wider Concept of Safeguarding Children and Young People.

Child protection Policy is used in cases of abuse namely physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Since children are very fragile and their emotions can easily be hurt, it could affect them for a lifetime. The carer and teacher must ensure and prevent any of these abuses. Unfortunately these abuses can be perpetrated by someone who is close to the children and statistics show that abuse is perpetrated by persons familiar to the child and not by strangers. Safeguarding children is important to prevent harm on the child as it could take a lot of time to cure any kind abuse, indeed even a lifetime. It is important as carers to keep an open eye on signs of abuse on the children who are within their care.

Policies, namely the National Policy on Child Protection and school / child centre policies should be respected. Every person is legally bound to report any sort of abuse that s/he notices in minor children within their care, even if the abuse doesn’t happen at school.

The life of the child that attends the childcare centre evolves in mainly two fields, in the family   and at the centre. This entails safety and protection issues which makes the family and the carers responsible for the well-being of the children.

Parents have the greatest role in assuring that protection and safety is always provided for their child. Apart from the basic needs such as clothing, food, shelter, parents should create an environment in the home that fosters security, confidence and boosts self-esteem in ways that children grow healthy and happily and are ready to take the risks in life from an early age. E.g. even taking the first steps of walking has to be done through encouragement. In an environment where there is neglect, unrest, constant fighting and arguments, a child retreats into his/her own and is afraid to take the necessary risks in life. Eg. if a child is shut up every time s/he asks for a need, then the child grows to be unassertive and risks being abused by others....