Child Protection Officer

Curriculum vita
Date of birth 1st February 1994
Name: Fatmata Charles Mambu
Nationality: sierra Leonean
Address: 10e Josiah Drive
Educational ground
Primary Education: 2002 - 2008
Secondary Education: 2010 - 2014
Experience Record:     Child welfare society Sierra Leone May – December 2015 Asst. Psychosocial &child protection manager.

  * Act as the main contact within the club for the protection of children.
  * Ensure all persons working with children at the street are fully aware of their responsibilities and are adequately trained and qualified for the role they are fulfilling.
  * Be the first point of contact for, helpers, parents and members on any issues concerning the well being of children.
  * Establish and maintain a Disciplinary and Complaints procedure and Child Protection Policy.
  * Attend appropriate training courses including ‘In Safe Hands’ and ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’.
  * Be familiar with current child protection legislation.
  * In the event of a complaint being made ensure that the complaints procedures are met and see the procedures through to the final decision.
  * Act as adviser, when required, to the Management Committee on matters of policy and procedures related to child protection.
  * Encourage good practice and support of procedures to protect children.
  * Maintain confidential records and ensure information is only held on an individual whilst the person continues to carry out their regulated work. Ensure all incidents are correctly recorded and reported in accordance with the policy and procedures.
  * Seek advice from the appropriate agencies as and when required.
  * Mental Health Coalition Leadership training and AMG for Mental Health coalition of sierra Leone
  * Mental Health coalition workshop on coalition building and sustenance- Focus; A responsive Approach to Ebola crisis’
  * Health for All coalition workshop training of trainers on...