Using Your Own Research of Child Development Textbooks and Theories, Fill in the Chart to Provide a Basic Outline of the Expected Pattern of Children’s Development.

Table showing pattern of children’s development     (201.1.1)

Using your own research of Child Development textbooks and theories, fill in the chart to provide a basic outline of the expected pattern of children’s development.

|Age Range         |Physical Development                                           |Social, emotional and behavioural   development                   |Communication and intellectual development                           |
|Birth - 3         |Walking,                                                       |Cry for attention                                               |Responds to name                                                     |
|years             |talking,                                                       |Enjoys others company                                           |Recognizes people’s faces                                             |
|                 |communicating                                                   |Try’s to use language to communicate with others                 |Learns to speak                                                       |
|                 |learn to feed themselves                                       |Shows selfish behavior, thinks everything belongs to them       |Recognizes various basic objects                                     |
|                 |Potty training starts.                                         |Can be unintentionally aggressive to others                     |Loves exploring                                                       |
|                 |Try’s to throw/kick a ball                                     |                                                                 |Can follow a basic instruction or hand gesture                       |
|                 |Enjoys action songs and rhymes                                 |                                                                 |Repeats and copies                                                   |