Child Car Level 3

Explain how to support children and young people experiencing different types of transitions

When child go through transitions they need people they have built up positive relationships with to help support them through the changes in their lives. We use circle time to explain to the children what is going to happen and they can talk about their feelings children will make a better transition if they know what is going on. We take are cues from the children on how much information is given and how much an explanation is required. We allow time for the information to be processed some children might have delayed reaction and might want to talk later at a quieter time. We are always to be trueful in all our answers so we keep their trust. We listen and acknowledge how the children are feeling and we reassure the children that what they are feeling is normal and other children have been through this. The children can express their anxieties and we can help reassure them. This covers emotional transitions like bereavement, physical moving homes or locality, physiological puberty, intellectual when moving up from pre-school to school.
Demonstrate provision of structured opportunities for children or young people to explore the effects of transitions on their lives
Between settings (playgroup, pre-school, and nursery):
Possible information to be shared between settings
• Family (siblings)
• Name preference
• Diet/food allergies
• Health
• Likes and dislikes
• Friendships
• Fears/phobias
• Emergency contact details
• Dummy/special toy or comforter
• Birth to three matters or Foundation Stage records/summaries (EYFS summaries from September ’08)
Haven’t really done this yet, but obvisly I would talk to the child and offer and help of support that they needed or that the family needed. I would then also speak to anyone else that could help with the transition e.g. if child is moving schools then I would talk to the head and the new...