Developmental Delays

Developmental Delays

The Effects of Developmental Delays and The Environment Have on Children.

Angela Booth

ECE205: Introduction to Child Development

Leslie VonDerhaar

May 16, 2012

Developmental Delays                                                                                                         1

            Developmental delays can occur when children do not achieve expected

milestones. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics children need to

consume a certain number of total daily calories along with the right nutrients in

order to obtain proper growth and development. Iron deficiency anemia is a common

health condition among children of low income families, this can have very serious

effects on a child’s growth (Keefer, 2010). Besides good nutrition children need a

positive and supportive environment to be able to learn and grow in. Children who are

exposed to domestic violence at a young age are more likely to develop behavior

problems. Research shows those family risk factors such as living in an abusive home

or not being able to have an emotional bond with a loving caregiver can alter a child’s

emotional and cognitive development and social and language skills as well (Keefer,


            Young children need cognitive stimulation that should include plenty of

opportunities for imaginative free play to develop as physically and mentally healthy

individuals. Children also need a lot of emotional support from adults. Play is essential

to a child’s development for many reasons. For one play allows a child to interact with

others, plus it helps them develop both socially and physically. Some structured play is

a way to increase a child’s physical activity and help develop their fine motor skills but

without the right kind of nutrition, environment and physical activities, and proper care...