Child Care Level 2


1.1- Duty of care is a legal responsibility which is usually compulsory on an individual person, this requires them to stick to a reasonable care whilst taking on the responsibly to perform any acts of duty that could harm others. Duty of care involves being responsible for the wellbeing of young people in your care and show due care and attention to minimise the possibility of harm. It is important to put the wellbeing of the young person at the centre of everything we do in order to meet minimum standards.

1.2- Taking into account the meaning of duty of care and the implementation of this it will defiantly have a huge affect on my role. It will affect every single minute I am working with children. While working with children we all safeguard them in many ways, for example I would carry out observations and assess their development so if they are not developing at norms I will then take appropriate actions which may involve other professionals and they will then take action and solve the situation. I will also make sure to carry out risk assessments in the setting and take precautions to avoid any hazards that may harm children through accidents or spreading infections. Setting out clear expectations and boundaries for children’s behaviour and use different strategies to put off behaviour which may harm or distress others, according to the stage of development of each child, also by professionals being aware of any signs that a child may be harmed or abused by others, and following the right procedures if the following things are suspected, so the right action can be taken whether it involves parents or other professional. There are many ways to contribute to the safeguarding or protection of individuals and there are many procedures and legislations out there that are there to protect professionals, children and others for example the Human Rights Act (1998).

2.1- Balanced approaches must be taken in deciding which has more priority in certain...