Alcoholism and Child Abuse

Alcoholism and Child Abuse
According to (Deister 2009), states children are born into this world with no knowledge of what is right and wrong. The parents are routinely drunk and unable to care for the children in their drunken state. Alcohol is a dangerous element within any family, parents are addicted to it, and younger children are being abused in the homes with their parents. Children’s are most likely to be abused in a home where the parents are alcoholics and who is on drugs rather than a child who lives in the home where they parent doesn’t drink.
Impair Judgment
      According to (Schuld 2009), states alcohol and other sedatives often decrease performance; none of the drugs consistently reduced the quality of people’s self judgment about their performance. It might also depend on the types of consequences or environmental cues in a given situation. Impair judgment have a lot to do with how people carry themselves, and on how they keep they body appearance up.
Reduce Inhibition
    According to (Fillmore 2009), states alcohol can reduce the ability to inhibit a response. Impaired inhibitory control is not inevitable outcome of the drug action. It can be counteracted by the consequences of behavior in the situation. If a person reduce the amount of alcohol that they are drinking it will increase they aggression against others and themselves.
In conclusion these three document sources are related because they all deal with alcohol. And my sources are letting people know about how alcohols lead to death and domestic violence, and trying to prevent that from happening to parents and young adults.


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