Checkpoint Visual Literacy

In the drawing of the Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge   it was least represented
compared to   John Taylor’s illustration. John Taylor provided the objects to be more realistic,
while Wolf’s painting is more abstract. Wolf's painting looked like a child had done it. Wolf’s
drawing is a more true look of the treaty signing.
Wolf showed us the tradition and the culture in detail better than John Taylor’s
illustration. Wolf included the women with painted hair that expressed their ceremonial
partnership and their decorative clothing to show a position of importance. The intersecting
creeks and the joining of the trees are an indication of where the event took place. The teepees
show the gathering of the different tribes.
In John Taylor’s illustration, it shows Native Americans and white men gathering
together in the center of the wooded landscape. I feel the drawing is missing the details that were
expressed in Wolf’s illustration. Both of the artists show the same event, but in John Taylor’s
illustration there is an absence of Native American women that were present at the signing of the
treaty. I feel the differences might have contribute to the cultural differences.
Wolf values the women and has the women just as important as the men. Most of the
people in Wolf’s picture were of women. It might have been that Wolf included many of the
women in the painting to show the cultural ceremonies or the way the society was. John Taylor
might have left out the women in the illustration because; in that era of John Taylor’s drawing
the women were seen lower when compared to the men.
A woman’s opinion and ideas were not highly valued.