The Famous Apple Logo

Shirley Serrano

CGD218: Visual Literacy in Business (BJK1151A)

Cheri Ketchum

December 19, 2011

The logo represented in the photo is the Apple organization symbol.   This symbol was first designed by Rob Janoff in 1976 which was first in the colors of the rainbow.   The logo remained with the colors until 1998.   As for the “bite” on the side of the apple it was created to indicate to people that it was an apple and not a tomato.   This iconic symbol was the most recognizable logo in history and many individuals viewed it as the famous “mac” computer. However, in 1997 Steve Jobs wanted to change the iconic symbols rainbow colors to the monochrome logo which allowed Apple to brand its products to allow flexibility on marking their laptops and towers.   Jobs wanted the new logo to improve the Apple image and transform the company from failing to becoming a success.
      When I first saw the Apple logo which had to be many years ago was when I graduated from high school.   I remember walking into the office and saw this small box called a screen and the rainbow Apple logo right in the middle.   Through years the Apple symbol was a rainbow of colors which represented the visual image the company wanted to establish.   The image that Mr. Janoff wanted to send was how unique the company is and the bite on the side was the speed the company will continue to progress.   I remember asking myself why this company used the “apple” as their log.   Visual communications works with symbols, signs and pictures and all of these items are considered designs.
      Designs are based on actual life characteristics to the visual means of communication. When one combines the design with color it provides us with a very clear picture or image of what our imagination wants to see. The design in place is an outline of what will become of this visual image.   As the history of the Apple logo continued with the many colors it did change to the “monochrome”...