Character Summary: Charlie Gordon

Character Summary: Charlie Gordon

Direct Description
Charlie Gordon has black short hair and he is about 6 ft 3 inches tall.

In the beginning of this book Charlie Gordon's actions was very retarded and had trouble even doing the simplest things, but his actions reflected his intellectual progression throughout the book.

Towards the start of the book Charlie Gordon's words are very basic and simple throughout out the book as he learns more his words change and the way he uses it changes such though that after you one has read the book you could go to any stage in the book and tell from the his words whether or not he has had his surgery or not.

Charlie’s relationships in the beginning are non-existent but towards the end he becomes more and more involved with Alice until he finds another purely sexual relationship with Fay, his relationship with Straus and Nemur are also very peculiar because they treat more like an experiment that a person, when he gets smarter he behaves well in relationships with others.
His relationships with his co-workers become very strained due to the ego of his co-workers and the religious views.  To quote one of his female co-workers “It’s just not right, we should do the best with what god gave us”.

Charlie Gordon is very contrasted with his peers at the bakery and when he works out how make pastries. His new intelligence shows his contrast between him and his co-workers. This contrast becomes greater and greater until it causes him to lose his job! Which was  due to unrest with his co-workers and how much the intellectual void had widened.