Chapter Summarie

The Veil:
In 1979 a Revolution took place which was later called the “Islamic Revolution”. Then in 1980 it became mandatory to wear the veil at school. Marjane (narrator) wasn’t very fond of wearing the veil. In 1980 all Bilingual school were closed down because they were a symbol of capitalism. At the age of six Marjane was sure she wanted to be a prophet because of three main reasons, which were that her maid didn’t eat with her, her father had a cadillac(she wanted everybody to have a car), and because her grandmother’s knees always ached (she did not want old people to suffer.) Every Night Marjane would have a big discussion with god. One day at school when the teacher asked her what she wanted to be she said a prophet. The teacher thought she was disturbed and called her parents. But when her parents asked her what she wanted to be she said a Doctor. She felt guilty towards god. At night she told god that she still wanted to be a prophet she just didn’t want her parents to know.
The Bicycle:

The Cultural Revolution failed. Marjane received books about the Revolution to enlighten her on what was happening. These books taught her about the children of Palestine, Fidel Castro(Cuban Dictator) and the Revolutionaries of her country. God came to Marjane and asked her if she still wanted to be a prophet. When he asked, she tried to change the subject to avoid having to answer. That night, the Rex Cinema burned down. Police were there, not allowing people to go in and rescue those who were trapped and they attacked the people who tried to enter. The BBC(British Broadcasting Corporation) said there were four-hundred victims in the burning. The Shah tried to make the people believe that the massacre was planned by a group of religious fanatics, but the people knew that the Shah was responsible. Marjane heard of a demonstration that was supposed to take place the next day and wanted to go. She claimed she was “sick and tired of doing it in the garden.” Marjane also...