Pakistan and Afghanistan, particularly, northern Pakistan known as the Braldu, the Baltoro, or Baltistan.
Major Characters
Greg Mortenson - The main character of this book, Greg is truly a man who will no doubt someday win a
Nobel Prize for his sincere belief that the only way to fight terrorism is to educate the people so they can
eradicate their own poverty and bring prosperity to their country.
Haji Ali - He is the nurmandhar of Korphe – the village leader – who helps Greg from the beginning not only
for his own village, but also for other villages in the Baltoro. He becomes Greg’s mentor and advisor in
Twaha - He is Haji Ali’s son and takes over when his father dies. He is a strong worker and a good parent who
believes all children; including girls deserve to be educated.
Faisal Baig & Mouzafer Ali - These two men are the dedicated protectors and bodyguards for Greg
Mortenson. They are extremely devoted and loyal and would give their lives for him…….
Many additional major and minor characters are identified in the complete study guide.
Protagonist - Greg Mortenson is the protagonist who fights with all his might and spirit to……
Antagonists - The antagonists are the conservative and extremist elements of the…..
Climax - The climax occurs when Kevin Fedarko writes an article about Greg for Parade Magazine that causes
so much money to be donated to his cause that it saves CAI from…….
Outcome - Greg is able to move his mission into Afghanistan as well as……
Greg Mortenson, a mountaineer, takes on the summit K2 in Pakistan in honor of his sister who has recently
died. Unfortunately, he fails to reach the summit and becomes lost on the descent. He is found by the people of
Korphe, the last village before the glacier. He is so grateful for their help that he promises to come back and
build them a school. The book then follows Gregs mssion to not only bring a...