Change is “an event that occurs when something passes form one state or phase to another.”
The texts I will be talking about are the film ‘Amazing Grace’ and also a novel ‘Redeeming Love’ by Francine Rivers.
‘Redeeming Love’ by Francine Rivers is a very moving novel that is to entertain and to also challenge the reader to think about the issues discussed in this book. It is written for young adults and adults and is a life changing book. It is based on God’s unconditional love and has a life lesson in it to follow what God wants you to do. It’s a fluent novel and easy to read. It is built up to a climax and you can really feel the emotion in the story.
The film ‘Amazing Grace’ has a lot of different changes. Some of these changes are:
• The abolition of the slave trade.
• John Newton going blind.
• Wilberforce was in love with Barbra Spooner.
• John Newton was a slave trade and then became an abolisher.
• William Pitt became Prime Minister.
• Charles Fox changes sides to support Wilberforce in the abolition.
• Society’s opinions changed.
• Wilberforce finds a religion.
The movie ‘Amazing Grace’ and also the novel ‘Redeeming Love’ by Francine Rivers both explore change. The main character William Wilberforce in ‘Amazing Grace’ and Angel in ‘Redeeming Love’ both undergo a lot of the same changes. In both the texts change is seen as being very hard and painful. It takes both these characters a long time and patience but in the end change is good for both of them.
At the start of the movie William Wilberforce went from being single-mindedly focused on his political career. He had no intention of being in a romantic relationship, but later in the film he falls in love with Barbra Spooner and later gets married.
Angel from ‘Redeeming Love’ also goes through this change as at the start of the novel she works in a brothel and doesn’t understand what it is to have a relationship with someone. In the end she ends up getting married and has a great love for...