The temperatures have finally risen above fifty degrees, and winter was over.   A short period of time that everyone seems to enjoy during spring time is spring break.   I was just as excited as any other 8th grade individual, feeling free to do whatever I want for an entire week.   Free to go to bed whenever I please, wake whenever I desire, and laze around all day every day.   Little did I know how this temporary break would soon have a drastic change on my life?  
I started the week just a lazy as I could possibly be, without a care in the world.   Soon I became bored and rather lonely, and began to contact my closest friends.   We talked it out and soon decided to have a small camping trip to Ridgeway, Texas where my family owns over two hundred acres.   We all grabbed our tents, sleeping bags, four wheelers, and 22. Lr weapons.   We dashed to our seats in my father’s truck excitedly waiting for him to take us all out there, seeing as though we couldn’t drive yet.   He climbed in the driver’s side, put in drive and we were on our way!
Once out to the property, my friends and I immediately wanted our four wheelers off of the trailer so that we could race to the camp site.   As my father had caught up to us, we prepared the camping area just moments before dark.   Night time however is the best time for us.   Our four wheelers have their headlights on as we skim through the pastures.   We study the light in front of us, hoping to find a cotton tail rabbit.   As the rabbit jobs in front of us, we’d be chasing behind it until it finally seeks refuge in a tree, then we search in hopes to find another.   As the night grew longer we began to tire.   Seeing as though it was pitch black outside I let the group backed the campsite not knowing what I would soon encounter.   On the way back I tried to take a shortcut for some brush and ran into a drop-off.   Next thing that I knew I awoke and flat on my back with my friends looking down on my broken body.   The four wheeler had flipped...