The Power To Change

I ones heard a story of a woman missionary who visited one of the Caribbean Island to distribute food and clothing to some orphans she had adopted. While she was there shearing out food, she notice a boy that was naked; who must have came there with the other little children. Queries of the child's condition, she went to the boy and ask him ‘where was his clothes?’   ‘I have none.’ the little boy responded. In doubt of his answer, she asks him again, ‘do you have any clothes?’   He answered again no. She could not believed that a person could be so poor that they could not afford one piece of clothing for their child, supposing the child even had parent or guardian who watch over him. She was so must in dismay that she said to the boy the third time, ‘do you mean to tell me, you don't even have one pair of trousers to put on?’ At this time the children around them listing to the interrogation, felt pity for their friend and answered for him. ‘No! He doesn't have any’. Standing there looking at the children and the boy as the answer echo threw her heart. She replied to the boy, ‘tomorrow I will have some clothing for you’. The next day at the orphanage the woman missionary was again busy with the distribution of food and clothing. She was surrounded with people, when she felt a nagging on her leg. It was the little boy who she had promise some clothing to the day before. Somehow he managed to make his way through the crowd to get to her. When she saw him, she knelt down and said to him, ‘you don't have to wait here on the line, I've put a bag of clothing on the side earlier for you.’

     Just about every other day, you'll hear some kind hearted person say. If I had a million dollars what I will do for the poor or the church. That's all good, but sometime while we are trying to make that million dollars, the poor are dying, the church is getting broke and homeless children are walking around with no clothing. The naked child in this...